Steps to fix 0x80070057 Error

Error code 0x80070057 is mostly common in Windows 7. Most of the users gets this error code while they try to install the Windows 7 and creating a backup of a Windows 7. However, the problem is not only seen in the Windows7, sometimes the users of the other Windows version might also have to face this error sometimes.

There are various ways to fix the problem. However, you might not be able to fix it at one try. You can try different other methods if the one you tried is unsuccessful. Some of the methods are explained here:-

  1. Use registry Cleaner Tool

The registry cleaner tool application program is available online. You can download it and install it in your computer to fix the error 0x80070057. The program is developed to increase the virtual memory space in the computer system. It does it by cleaning up the memory space. You can find many applications in internet to perform this type of function.

  1. Increasing the size of the Virtual Memory

In some of the cases, this process is very useful. The steps are especially recommended for the Windows 7 users. The simple steps are listed below:-

  1. Using the administrative rights, you should first boot your computer.
  2. Click on the “Start” button.
  3. Right click on the “My Computer” and then open “Properties” by clicking on it.
  4. Now, Click on the “Advance System Setting” option in your Windows Vista 7.
  5. Open “Advanced” tab in the “System Propeties”.
  6. Now in the “Performance”, open the “Setting” option.
  7. By now, “Performance Options” applet will be opened. Open the “Advance” tab.
  8. Go to “Virtual Memory” and click on the button – “Change”.
  9. In the Virtual Memory dialog box, you will see “Automatically manage page file size for all drives” at the top. Un-tick the small box ahead of it. In the middle side, you will have to make change in the Custom size. Now keep the Initial size as 1 x Physical RAM and the Maximum Size should be kept as 1.5 x Physical Ram.
  10. Click on the “Set” button.
  11. Then click on the “Ok” button.
  12. Reboot your computer.
  1. Changing the decimal Symbol setting

It is one of the common method to fix the Error 0x80070057. The simple steps are listed down:-

  1. First of all, boot your computer using the administrative rights.
  2. Go to the “Start” menu.
  3. Then open “Control Panel”.
  4. Open “Regional and Language Options” by double clicking on it.
  5. Now Under the “Clock, Language and Region” option you will see “Change Keyboards or other input methods”. Click on that.
  6. Now in the “Regional Options”, open “Customize”.
  7. Go to “Format” tab and open “Additional Setting”.
  8. Now, type “.” (Dot) on the box next to the “Decimal symbol”.
  9. Click on “OK” button.
  10. Now at last restart your computer.
  1. Shrinking the Partition

The users gets 0x80070057 error message when the partition they are trying to install in the Operating System is very small. So, if you are facing this problem, you should try shrinking all the partitions on the drive.

You can try using any of the above methods to fix the 0x80070057 error. We believe that one of them will definitely help you.  

How to hack Boom Beach mobile game online

Boom Beach is basically a strategy mobile video game for both Android and iOS devices. This freemium game was developed by Super cell and soft launched in 2013 in Canada. After that, it was widely released throughout the world in 2014.

Most of the people now start using mobile devices like smart phones and tablets to have exciting entertainment through online games. Most of the mobile game players are fans for the Boom Beach strategy game and its wonderful game play environment.

About Boom Beach mobile game:

As it is a strategy game, Boom Beach basically combines attacks on other gamers with the attacks against the computer generated character. The basic story line of this mobile game is set in the tropical archipelago with the player on one island with troops and defenses. The players can build your base, upgrading your buildings and defenses, and unlock the troop upgrades with the facilities of the game. This game combines a single gamer campaign play and also an ability to attack other gamers by starting the multiplayer mode on a same map.

Apart from the chief factor of this strategy game, there is even a cooperative form where the players gather ordering attacks by surviving or rewards which are afterwards used to attack a computer generate character in the task force operations.

To win the game and go to the next higher level, every player in boom beach game should collect and store necessary resources like wood, gold, iron, and stones. Such resources are very helpful to upgrade your buildings and troops. This mobile game also uses a premium diamonds, and purchasable currency which exist in the small quantities from the game play.

Such diamonds can be used to fasten every aspect of your game from the building construction time and statues to the armory research and troop training. They can even be used to buy more wood, iron, stone, and gold to jump to the next higher level of game. A player can’t able to purchase power stones and Intel with the help of these diamonds. These power stones are very helpful to boost your troop health, resource production, building health, and etc. For this purpose, you can make use of the boom beach hack APK no root.

Boom beach hack online:

Now days, there are many numbers of hack tools for each and every popular computer based and mobile based internet game. In such a way, you can find hack tool for this boom beach mobile strategy game to easily earn more amounts of stones, iron, diamonds, gold, woods, Intel, and power stones to increase the strength of your troop and also to go to the next higher level of game. Like other hacking tool, you don’t need to download boom beach hack tool from the web platform. There are so many convenient and easily used hack tools available online for this boom beach game. You can use such boom beach cheat to earn more numbers of gaming symbols for free.

Top features of ShoBox App:

Before we go to the article, know what showbox is. Showbox is an app for iOS and android devices that allows you to watch your lovable movies and TV shows, cartoons and serials that  are followed in this current generation. This generation is currently locked with their phones to entertain themselves within their smartphone.


In the market with different operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows phone, they have published their app in the most used Android and iOS operating systems.

So for a hassle less experience, this Show Box app would be your partner for life as an entertainer and this might be the right companion and might destroy the TV too. Who watches TV now a days.

This app consists many features to control Showbox app in a precise manner and these features serve best of entertainment to every single person who are using the Showbox app by providing various genre according to peoples taste.

This app is available for iOS and Android and this is available in both Jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.

  1. Watch all your favourite TV shows for free!
    With the people going for the risky torrents and other websites, which may or may not concern about their security, this might be the right solution.

2.Shoebox app has got simple UI and simple navigation that allows any type of users to get along with the app the fastest way possible! The way they designed the app allows any kind of users to get access to the place they want to. Simply put anyone can use this app!

3.Shoebox app also has an option to download what ever you’re watching. So internet won’t be a problem now! And more than that, this allows you to segregate your shows according to the different categories and filter the stuff and make a list!

4.Like other apps, Shoebox app doesn’t irritate users by making them sign up or any other clumsy way to irritate users. And one more thing is that you can choose the quality of the video you watch, so no more worries. Secured + Offline mode + Change quality = Best way and hassle free experience.

5.Shoebox app doesn’t require any signup and doesn’t ask any other details. So, plus for the privacy! So no one will know what you watch, what you do or nothing! So this is the perfect way to spend your time.

Conclusion : ShoeBox app allows you to get best stuffs for free from the online and make a new world within your smarter gadget and watch it anywhere. And one more best thing about this app is that it doesn’t need any sign up. With no sign up, privacy is the best. Because all the apps that you’ve signed in tracks everything you do and not advisable if privacy is a concerned.

How to Optimize Your Google Places in 2015 

For the year 2015, establishing a strong online presence on websites such as Google Maps and Yelp is just as vital for your business as any on-page SEO techniques. While the majority of SEO methods are focused heavily on optimizing the website, you can miss out some valuable opportunities if you disregard investment in Google Maps, local directories, and review websites.


What Makes Local SEO Important?

You might have realized that when you make a search on Google using a specific search term, the first few results you get are map listings even before you view a local business site listing. Searchers, which can be your prospective customers, will likely click on some of those maps first before they are able to see a listing of local business site. In line with this, below are some helpful tips provided by Jeremy from Thunder Rank, which you can use to increase your visibility in the map and directory websites.

  1. Create and Optimize Your Google My Business Listing
    Always make sure the information of your business is accurate when you are listed. And, you are able to do this for Google maps through Google My Business. This gives a fairly easy way for your business to make a listing or claim an active one. It is free so you have no reason not to use this service. If you are already registered and verified on Google+ or Google Places, then you need to transfer to Google My Business.
  1. Claim and Optimize Your Yelp Business Listing
    Yelp is a huge and popular customer review site with outstanding power. Having a page there will allow you to acquire exposure on the internet to a wide range of potential clients. It also allows you to reply to reviews, provide the most current information regarding your business and upload photos.
  1. Increase Your Listings
    Completing the listings is just half the work, because an essential thing to do is improve the details by adding pictures, business hours, adjust URLs, along with other details to show people and search engines, what your business is about to ensure that those who are searching for the products or services you offer, will be directed to your site.
  2. Consider Local Optimization
    Add City/ST in the major elements of your web page, such as H1 heading, title tags, alt text on images and website URL.

Focus Your Attention on the Big Picture

Planning a highly effective local search engine optimization technique is not about just one, magic trick. Address the task from different angles and most importantly, always keep a good user experience for your visitors on your mind. Here are a few helpful checklist of whatever else you can do to guarantee that your local Search engine optimization technique is really effective.

  • Add top quality content that is optimized with local information, yet does not compromise the flow and ideas.
  • Keep in mind that the location pages are unique and well written.
  • Make use of social media to have interaction with your clients.
  • Provide local content for your website.

To summarize the tips mentioned above, you should understand that while trying to make your internet site be visible on Google Places or Google Local Listings, would lead for a boost in website traffic, this does not guarantee you more business opportunities.

To succeed in internet marketing, it should consist of various elements, including consumer behavior, keyword impact, type of exposure, website design, consumer demographic, and many others. You can compare an effective marketing campaign to a fine tuned orchestra. It is recommended to seek the assistance of an expert to be able to generate high return of investment.

Mobile phone and tablets Otterbox cases


Otterbox mobile phone cases and tablets cases come with the best durability as the same for other handheld devices; these cases add the sleek design to the mobile and tablets. The otterbox mobile phone cases and tablets cases provide you a worry free lifestyle with your devices, there won’t be any second thought to purchasing it.

These cases are made with the material which are germs repellent and evade dust and clogging in the ports and jacks, therefore, no problems in using the devices when hands are dirty with dusting. The new ultra-protection of otterbox mobile phone cases and tablets provide with scratch free touch screen and back cover is available with the colorful designs.

The otterbox mobile phone cases and tablets are water resistant you can use it in raining season, and your mobile and tablets never get spoiled by water, the case design doesn’t permit the water to enter. The available design of otterbox mobile phone cases and tablets cases are tough and flexible because of using of butyl rubber in the material. These cases are certified shock proof and strong capacity to deal against any jerk, even drop from a cliff the phone found intact in most cases. Otterbox tablets cases for iPad and iPad mini are available with the best price and sound performance; the custom made designs add an impressive look of the tablets.

Otterbox cases should are dust repellent but should be cleaned at regular intervals, there are many design case cover are available and with the same protection promise. The company has launched series that are available in the market and each is different in its requirement, the new designs are tested and, therefore, no compromising over the quality issue, the touch screen safeguard helps to protect the touch screen from scratch, especially when a child like to play with the phone. The cases are easy to on and off and removable which is an extra advantage, in a regularly use phone and tablet won’t get aged and dirty.

Following are the series of cases

Defender series: Best selling iPhone 6 case, there are three materials that used to deflect the shock, of course, better than commuter series and evade wear and tear of the mobile device it has ultra clear membrane screen guard with high durability and with the finest unmatchable quality.

Commuter series: There are two materials that absorb and deflect the shock impacted on the mobile phone and tablets. It has sealed cover for the ports and jack that avoid dust and clogging. A self-adhesive protection screen which is scratch proof and it always looks new.

Symmetry: More graphical options are available with the symmetry, clear scratch resistant, slips easily in and out from the pocket. One piece case and passed by 24+ tests. Allow the user to use it in any condition, ultra-sleek gives unique looks to the eyes.

MySymmetry : certified drop protection against drops, a variety of color designs available, stain resistant, easy on hand design, touch screen protected safeguard. Easy installation can off in just a second.

Tips for Improving chrome browsing

Google has released a better edition of Google Opera. The visitor that was stated has continuously been one of the most used today since it is than its alternatives. Google Chrome offers of its smooth functions, which makes it secure and faster. What’s promising is by performing these basic guidelines the fact that you may make your Google Opera browsing experience better still:


Customers who bother about the program efficiency of their device may choose to not allow the use data. You can certainly do this by pressing the Various Tools menu to Sophisticated and Options Loss. When youare there, you must uncheck the tick-box next to the “Deliver utilization information to Google” point. If you are facing 0xc00007b error you should give it a try. 

DNS Preload is clearly unnecessary. The preload is actually recommended just for individuals with connections, mainly for searching the web, people who employ their cell phones. Those who have a reliable web connection, that with at not less than 256kbps, do not require the DNS Preload.

All that’s necessary to complete to eliminate this really is to visit the Google Opera visitor, press Choices, then Advanced’s Various Tools selection. Finally, released on “Use DNS preload.”

Many people could find this method very dangerous but when you’re ok with searching using the Anti Phishing filter switched off, you are able to save on internet bandwidth and processor time. The Anti Phishing Filter is located at “Resources,” then visit “Choices” and finally, to “Sophisticated” case.

The navigation information assists web surfers for easy entry, showing one of the most webpages. The efficiency of the browser wills influence. That is due to the fact of the numerous stored pages you have visited during the few weeks.

Clear your navigation information as frequently as you can to enhance the performance of Google Opera. Visit Resources menu, and choose “Eliminate navigation information” and press “Remove data for this era.”

To get this done, right-click the Google Opera image and visit “Qualities.” Visit the “Location” container underneath the “Shortcut” case. You save your valuable processor Memory and disk drive space and may also disable signing of visitor actions. Common customers may also eliminate the dev-resources as well as the achievement reporting, that will be attached to the Use Data mentioned previously.


The Java may also be disabled. Customers who don’t usually operate Java programs that are online may decide to eliminate the browser performance to be made by it . Plugins for example Flash Player may also be impaired.

That is suggested for individuals who seldom visit with advertising sites. Finally, pictures could be impaired for those who have reduced-bandwidth link, preserving lots of bandwidth. But when you have to watch images, it’s better to not do that.

These guidelines can help Google Opera customers a much more enhanced browsing experience by preserving processor and bandwidth utilizations as well.

Is Windows 10 Free for Windows 7 users?

There’s been considerable frustration concerning the pricing (or absence thereof) of Windows 10 over the past year. Don’t be embarrassed if you’re puzzled, Microsoft themselves altered their story regarding the pricing and upgrade schedule greater than a few occasions through the development and beta testing of Windows 10.


For a large numbers of individuals Windows 10 is not really, certainly, blame. If you should be currently working any reliable (low-fake) type of Windows-7 or Windows 8.1 you’ll be improved for free to an equal version of Windows 10.

Windows 8.1 consumers and Windows 7 Home/Simple/Premium people will be replaced for-free to Windows 10 Household. Windows 8.1 Pro users and Windows – 7 Professional/Ultimate customers will be upgraded to Windows 10 Master.

You’ll note we didn’t claim Windows8; you first must perform the free update to Windows 8.1 before upgrading to Windows 10, if you have a Windows 8 machine. The vast majority of recent Windows customers fall under the umbrella above. But before upgrading, keep in mind that many users are facing dns_probe_finished_no_internet

Your Windows 7 desktop, your Windows 8.1 laptop, provided that it’s the best Windows certificate it is eligible for update. It’s also worth noting that the Windows 10 free upgrade key is linked with the electronics. You can’t rollback and enhance a machine and retain the important thing to do a clean install.

A small catch is: the update is simply free for the first-year Windows 10 can be obtained. Windows 10 was officially launched in 07/29/2015 and also the upgrade may stay free for qualifying consumers until 07/28/2016.

Practically speaking however, purchasing a full-price Windows 10-key, of either flavor, is really a bad option given that you can aquire a cheaper key for Windows-7 and upgrade (or perhaps scrounge it off the underside of a vintage notebook or computer). You may, for instance, obtain a terribly outdated (and possibly damaged) Windows notebook at a garage sale for next to nothing and make use of the key to improve.


Even although you don’t need to risk on employing a key off an old notebook that someone else could have recorded for their own use, GadgetSuperSite says it’s still cheaper to purchase a classic version of Windows and enhance it. You should buy a fresh copy of Windows 8.1 Expert for $131, for instance, and enhance it to Windows 10 Master (keeping oneself ~$70 in the process).

In short, even though Windows 10 isn’t free (because it is for almost everyone) it’s still quite economical as you may use previous (and cheaper) Windows 7 and Windows8 tips to do the free upgrade to Windows 10.